AGBU Honored - Bishop Mushegh Babayan Celebrant at St. Leon Armenian Cathedral

Jan 23, 2015 — As our entire nation prepares to commemorate the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, the Ambassadors of Faith of the Western Diocese has planned a series of Thanksgiving ceremonies to recognize and honor countries, humanitarian missions, Armenian and non-Armenian organizations, which have helped Genocide survivors, especially the orphans.
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Primate Celebrant at St. Vartan Armenian Church in Oakland

Jan 16, 2015 — The Diocesan Primate celebrated the Divine Liturgy at St. Vartan Armenian Church in Oakland on Sunday, January 11, 2015. Archbishop Derderian was assisted at the Holy Altar by Rev. Fr. Hovel Ohanyan and the deacons of the parish.
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Feast of the Nativity and Theophany Celebrated at St. Leon Armenian Cathedral

Jan 09, 2015 — "Armenian Christmas," as it is popularly called, is a culmination of celebrations of events related to Christ's Incarnation. Theophany or Epiphany (or Astvadz-a-haytnootyoon in Armenian) means "revelation of God," which is the central theme of the Christmas Season in the Armenian Church. During the "Armenian Christmas" season, the major events that are celebrated are the Nativity of Christ in Bethlehem and His Baptism in the River Jordan. The day of this major feast in the Armenian Church is January 6th. A ceremony called “Blessing of Water” is conducted in the Armenian Church to commemorate Christ’s Baptism.
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