Armenian Apostolic Church of Crescenta Valley’s 10th Annual Gala Celebration

Oct 31, 2014 — “With our persevering efforts and by God’s Will and Blessings, we will have our new church altar by the year’s end and in 2015, we will consecrate the church” Abp. Hovnan Derderian - Primate
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Feast of the Discovery of the Holy Cross

Oct 24, 2014 — On Sunday, October 26, the Armenian Apostolic Church will observe the Feast of the Discovery of the Holy Cross (Kyood Khachi). According to ecclesiastical chronicles, an informed Jew from Jerusalem by the name of Judah was forced to disclose the place where the cross was buried. Three crosses were found, one of the being our Lord’s, the others belonging to the two criminals crucified with Him. In order to authenticate the true cross, the body of a youth who had recently died was placed on each. When he was placed on the third cross he was resurrected and thus the true and Holy Cross was discovered. At that time, Bishop Cyril, Patriarch of Jerusalem elevated the Holy Cross before the faithful who, having witnessed the miracle was awe-inspired and venerated it. The commemoration of this historical event is celebrated on the closest Sunday to October 26 and is called Discovery of the Holy Cross.
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Historic Day for St. Apkar Armenian Church in Arizona

Oct 24, 2014 — St. Apkar Armenian Church in Scottsdale Arizona marked its 5th anniversary of consecration on Sunday, October 19, 2014. On the auspicious occasion, the Primate travelled to the Arizona Parish where he celebrated the Divine Liturgy and delivered the sermon. Archbishop Derderian was assisted at the Holy Altar by the Rev. Fr. Zacharia Saribekyan and the deacons of the host parish.
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