Armenian Church of La Canada Celebrates 6th Anniversary

Published on Nov 20, 2010 by Divan of the Diocese
Armenian Church of La Canada Celebrates 6th Anniversary

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The Armenian Church of La Canada and Crescenta Valley held its 6th anniversary celebration banquet on November 13, 2010 at the Verdugo Hills Country Club.    

The Very Rev. Fr. Dajad Dz. V. Yardemian, Vicar General, represented the Primate at the event. Dr. Simon Simonian was the Master of Ceremonies for the night. The evening opened with the reciting of the Lord's Prayer by the Archpriest Fr. Hovsep Hagopian, Pastor of the Parish.

Ladies Society Chair Mrs. Lena Simonian also delivered her welcoming remarks and expressed her gratitude to the members of the Ladies Society for their dedicated service. Parish Council Chair Mr. Vahan Aladadian reflected on the Primate's years of unwavering support. On behalf of the Parish Council, Mr. Aladadian expressed his deep gratitude to the Primate.

On the special occasion, the Vicar General read the Primate's message. "With the tireless efforts of Archpriest Fr. Hovsep Hagopian and the members of the Parish Council, the acquisition of the new church building brought forth an invitation to carry out the mission of the Parish with renewed spiritual strength and uplifted spirits. The celebration of the Divine Liturgy and the delivery of inspirational sermons spiritually nourish the dedicated parishioners of the Armenian Church of La Canada and Crescenta Valley.

We commend the initiative of the Ladies' Society of honoring Mr. and Mrs. Antranik and Virginia Zorayan during the 6th anniversary celebration reception. Mr. and Mrs. Zorayan are dedicated benefactors of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and the Western Diocese."

Mr. and Mrs. Antranik and Virginia Zorayan, Grand Benefactors of the St. Leon Armenian Cathedral were honored during the evening. They were presented with a souvenir gift of the "Noah's Arc" from the parishioners. Mr. Zorayan expressed his gratitude to the Primate and generously donated $10,000 to the Parish.

On the Primate's behalf, the Vicar General presented "Hye Spirit" medals to Parish Council Chair Mr. Vahan Aladadian, Treasurer Mrs. Maral Sarafian, Ladies Society Chair Mrs. Lena Simonian, Members Mr. Onnig Alexanian, and Parish Council Secretary and Sunday School Superintendent Ms. Aghavnie (Angie) Achekian.

On the Primate's behalf, Archpriest Fr. Hovsep Hagopian presented "Certificates of Commendation" to Ms. Aghavnie (Angie) Achekian, Mrs. Maggi Parsegian, Mrs. Talin Halajian - Manouil, Mrs. Sosi Garabedian, Mrs. Noemi Lokmanian, Mrs. Kathrine Aintablian and Mrs. Maral Sarafian for their years of dedicated service to the Parish. He also thanked Katia Safarian and Angelo Kiyo who after graduating will serve as Sunday School teachers' assistants. As a token of appreciation, parishioner Mr. Sedrak Yazlian and his family presented the Sunday School teachers with silver crosses. A video depicting the year 2010 in the life of the Parish was shown after the presentations.

Parishioners from St. Gregory the Illuminator in Pasadena, Mrs. Lily Ring Balian from St. James in Los Angeles, St. Sarkis in Santa Clarita, the Honorable Justice Armand and Mrs. Nancy Arabian from St. Mary in Costa Mesa, as well as members of the Ladies Society of the St. Leon Cathedral, Mrs. Cindy Norian from the Ladies Auxiliary Committee and her husband Kenneth Norian and St. Leon Armenian Cathedral Building Committee Treasurer Mr. Nazar Ashjian and other distinguished guests.